The Invitations

Invitations for a wedding need to be sent out about two months before the wedding. That said, I want to start making/designing/ordering them now. Justin wants them to be unique, something out of the ordinary. I say NO to ideas such as sending out our invites on discs. To all of you thinking, “Doesn’t she understand who she is marrying?” Yes I do, but I want our invitations to be more traditional. I am fine with a modern look to them, but making them very unusual is out of the question. So I am asking all of you readers what kind of invitation do you think would make both Justin and I thrilled?

P.S. If you think that you are creepy because you are reading our site, please don’t. We are both thrilled to have you looking at it and sharing in this planning experience with us! We love you!

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  1. Crystal Says:

    Amber – If you are thinking of making your invites (and going the more traditional route), you owe yourselves a trip to Paper Depot in Minneapolis (right next to the Farmer’s Market). They are very helpful and can mock up invites for you.

    Now, I realize this post was from September and for all I know you already have this problem solved…but if you don’t, you should head to Paper Depot!

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