The Wedding Participants

Well of course the main participants in our wedding are Justin and me. We have also asked a few people to join us in celebrating in a closer way.

We have asked Derek Broten to perform our sermon. Pastor Dean Nadasdy will be overseeing and officiating the wedding, but Derek will be doing our message.

Joel Symmank will be performing the music at the ceremony. I really have no idea what songs I (we) want him to play, so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

For the wedding party itself, not everyone has been officially asked yet.

Ashley (my sister) is my maid of honor, and Amy (Justin’s sister) and Nikki (my best friend) are bridesmaids. I will have one more bridesmaid (hopefully!) but she is going to receive my request in a couple of weeks when she arrives in India and gets my letter to her.

Richard (Justin’s best friend) is his best man, and John (our friend) and Darin (Justin’s cousin) are his groomsmen. His fourth groomsmen will be his cousin John, whom he still needs to ask.

My cousin Sierra is our flower girl and Justin’s cousin Trevor is the ring bearer.

We will have 2-3 ushers who have yet to be declared, as well as two readers we have to decide on.

The lucky thing is that we have a lot of time to decide!

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  1. Nikki Says:

    What about Brad?

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