Twits from the week of 2011-07-24

  • Feeding my pregnant wife (@ Dairy Queen) #
  • You can guess why we are here… Baby time! (@ Woodwinds Hospital Emergency Room) [pic]: #
  • Nothing to report so far. Just a generic update letting the world know we are here. No progress to report and probably wont be til morning. #
  • Amber just got the "Good" stuff, and is on her way. So far so good for mommy. Daddy is doing well too :-) . #
  • Baby is playing nice. Things are still going smooth! Amber won't let me post anymore details than that :-) (don't tell her i said that) #
  • A new website (and baby) is born: More details to follow #
  • Last update 2day: Many stories to write when there is time. For now, photos for the masses and sleep for the new 'rents #

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