The Guest List

Well you will all be happy to hear, that after yet another long road trip (this time to Chicago, see pictures here), we managed to lock down the guest list for our wedding. There are about 40 people we would like to invite that had to be cut off the list, but hopefully thanks to people replying “I’m not coming” we’ll be able to squeeze all of them in.

I would just like to reiterate how good a 6 to 8 hour drive can be when it comes to planning a wedding. Neither party has anything that can distract them, and really, there isn’t much else to do while driving other than listen to the radio and look for gas stations.

Now if only we could figure out what we are actually going to do for invites… Amber seems to have 1 idea… I seem to have another.

One last note: We meet with the photographer tomorrow. We’ll let you know how that goes, and if we go with them, we’ll post their name :-).

2 Responses to “The Guest List”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I would also like to reiterate how the drive should have only taken you 5.5 hours. But none-the-less I’m glad some useful planning was done.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Glad to see your planning is already well under way. We’re done planning now, and have to get the save the dates out to people and then invitations!

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