The Honeymoon!

Justin and I have spent many moments debating where our honeymoon will be, how long it will last, and what we will do.  We have considered places out of the country, a cruise, or DisneyWorld.  Leaving the country is something Justin isn’t willing to do because he is afraid that they will not let him back in the USA.  As silly as that sounds, we decided against leaving the country.

I did not want to go to Disney because I am very much against theme parks and have never enjoyed them.  Nevertheless, I have been convinced to go to home of the great mouse, Mickey.

While using Walt DisneyWorld’s wonderful website to create our trip, Justin and I discovered an incredible package that will give us many upgrades to our trip.  Since I have never been to Disney Justin will have to explain more of the perks.  The one that I am most excited about is the premium seating for fireworks and a special cruise to watch one of the fireworks shows.  I love fireworks!

We are going to be staying there for probably 13 days.  I want to go to SeaWorld sometime while we are there also.  Hopefully we will also get a day just for us!  We plan to stay at the Grand Floridian, which has the beach that I wanted!

Our honeymoon is going to be wonderful.  I am really excited.  Now we just have to book the trip!

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  2. Nikki Says:

    🙂 You should try to win the stay in Cinderella’s castle.

  3. Justin Gehring Says:

    If we are there 13 days, and walk into magic kingdom every morning (which wouldn’t be to hard given the hotel is more or less interconnected…) That would give us pretty good odds… At least better than all the people who are there for 9 days.

  4. Alex Says:

    Why wouldn’t they let Justin back in? I’d let Justin back in, if I had the power! Happy Honey Mooning! lol.

  5. Dave Benson Says:

    13 days should give you enough time to go to Bush Gardens as well (Tampa). amber – if you ride their rollercoasters you will change your opinion of parks forever….
    Congrats you guys. what a great day coming up …

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