Marriage Counseling

Amber and I had our first marriage counseling session with Pastor Dean last Wednesday (February 27th). All in all it went pretty well. We didn’t get to deep into anything, mostly just laying down the ground work for where we are going. If you’ve ever wondered what they do in these things, I’ll try to post about it here. So far we:

  • Got worksheets for a personality profile that will be used to try to identify where we may have problems down the road (to be done alone at the moment)
  • Got worksheets for long term goals to again help us see where we may be on “different roads” (to be done alone at the moment)
  • Talked about how most wedding ceremonies are laid out.
  • Talked about life a little
  • Talked about some of the decisions we had already made for the wedding (like Joel doing music and Derek doing the message).

So far, no “blow out fights” although I’m not sure I will go into details of anything like that if it comes up… Just perhaps a brief overview of the process.

I did learn one thing though that I thought was rather interesting. In the state of Minnesota, if you go through 12 hours marriage counseling (as opposed to just getting married), you save $50.00 off your marriage license (that’s something like a %40 savings I believe). Seems like a pretty good way to help decrease the number of divorces (and the load they create on our legal system). So if you were thinking about skipping it, you might want to reconsider.

Well back to work I go, just felt this place needed a little love.

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