First Two Wedding Registries Posted

I have uploaded the wedding registry page to our website. We have completed registering at Macy’s and Walmart,  and will most likely be registering for Target sometime in the next week or so. I’ll post a link to Target as soon as we have.

I must admit, registering isn’t the most horrible of procedures. Every store has things to help Bridge and Groom’s get through it all. Macy’s so far has been my favorite… They have a built in affiliate program (yay), as well as lots of free stuff (like a tote bag and magazines).

The most difficult part is deciding what you want/need. I mean really… How do you really know if a pot or pan is good? My biggest requirements for most things were those magic words like “Machine Washable” and “Microwave Safe”. After all, I love being able to “Rinse First”. hehe.

All and all the date is getting closer and closer… We’re what now, just over 4 months away :-)?


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