And he is one!

Today Link turns 1 year old at 2:07pm.

To truly say how happy this past year has made me, I would need to use words not yet created.

Lincoln is so many things – he began my beautiful miracle from God; he has become an amazing person.  Link made me the person that I always wanted to be, and so much more.  He turned Justin into a beautiful father, husband and man. Link made 4 amazing people grandparents and 2 beautiful women aunts.

Link’s birth day was the scariest and most beautiful day of my life.  Link’s birthday is pure joy, silliness, and happiness.

So for my sweet Link, who may come across this blog someday in many years, happy 1st birthday!  I love you more than you can know and I am so incredibly proud to be your mama.

Our first photo together

Link at 1 year!

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