The part of me I’m missing

Justin and I were looking back at our old blogs the other day, reminiscing. I realized that there is a big part of me that is missing since I had Link (possibly since before).  I’m missing my friends.

I never was one to go out and “party” per say, but I did spend many afternoons and evenings with friends, especially in the summer.  While we have all grown into greater selves than we were back then, I miss that part.  Don’t get me wrong – the best thing in the entire world to happen to me is Lincoln.  Overall, I have never been happier.

My sister, my sister in law, and my best friend all live in different states.  When I just need someone to talk to, someone to run to the store with, or someone to sit down for a margarita with, I no longer have anyone to call.

There is mom-Amber, and work-Amber, and wife-Amber, but there is no longer friend-Amber.  I would like that to change.

I do see changing this to be a challenge though.  First off, I work almost full time, have an internship, have grad school classes, and still need to find time to be a mom to my amazing 10 month old, a wife to my wonderful husband, and a child of God (which should come before everything else, but rarely does).  Finding time to be social among that schedule is next to impossible.  Second of all, I need someone to watch Link if I’m going to be social.  Justin won’t always appreciate that.  One solution would be to find more mom-friends that we could arrange play dates, and then “ignore” our children to socialize.  Another is to just be happy being.

There is no reason to feel sorry for me. I’m happier  than I have ever been.  Just something I realized today that I am missing.

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