Ten fingers.. ten toes.. ten months!

I love to squish the avocado in my hand!

I cannot believe how fast these past ten months have gone!  Lincoln is growing so fast and I am so incredibly proud of him! He has been cruising and taking a few steps for weeks now, but this weekend (before he turned 10 months, so we’re calling it at 9 months) he started truly walking.  (You can see footage here.)  He mostly walks with his arms in the air – for balance – but is starting to lower them.  He is eating all sorts of foods and definitely has favorites!  He doesn’t like chicken very much, but he LOVES mangoes.  He is a great grocery shopper too!  Loves to chew on the cart and turn around so that he can see where we are going.  Don’t worry, I always wash the cart first – and you try getting him to stop!  He is starting to say a couple of things here and there.  He says “mom” a lot, and sometimes says “ba” for ball.  We swear he’s said “hi dad” like 5 times.  Also, he has starting to sign “more” which is so exciting!

Mommy and Link at Tina's wedding

I was the matron of honor in my cousin Christina’s wedding this past weekend, so we were very busy.  Link spent the whole day with his daddy and they did great!  I am so happy they like to spend time with each other!  It was a wonderful celebration, and I had so much fun dancing all night!

I finished classes for the semester last week (earned two A’s!) so I am looking forward to my Wednesday nights free again.  Summer class starts in June, so Saturdays will be shot.  As will Thursdays because I am starting an internship.  I shouldn’t say those days are “shot” – I very much like my classes and I am thrilled for my internship!  I will be working in the preservation department at the Hennepin County Library downtown Minneapolis.  Hopefully this will give me a look at the career I want to head towards.  I will be focusing on sheet music and encapsulations, which will give me the experience to bring to a couple of other places that I can volunteer.  If all goes according to plan, I will be graduating in December.

But I want to eat the leaf!

Also on the horizon is SUMMER!  I am so excited to spend more time outdoors with Link!  I can’t wait until we can take him swimming!  It is truly amazing how exciting every moment is with Link.  He brightens so many people’s days and I’m so proud to be his mommy.  I get to start planning his first birthday here soon!

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