Marriage Counseling Part 2

I believe we have now been through 3 marriage counseling sessions. So far so good. I have to admit, these personality profiles they have us take do a pretty spot on job of matching us to the letter. So far I would agree with just about everything they’ve said, both good and bad.

For example: you would probably never have guess this (yeah right), but me and Amber are pretty much in sync when it comes to our religious beliefs. In fact, we scored liked a 90/100 on it, which is pretty dang tough to do (I’m not even sure 100 is possible, and everything seems to be rounded to the nearest 10). We also scored pretty strongly on our communication… which probably explains why we’ve been able to date for 5 years with little trouble.

Our weakest was finance, which to us wasn’t all that surprising. Amber and I have very different views on money, which has already caused some “fun” in our relationship while planning this wedding… And even more fun now that we are looking for a house/townhouse in Woodbury. Needless to say though, our communication skills have so far been able to overcome our views on money, and when they haven’t, prayer seems to have solved it for us :-). In any case, I’m hoping that we limit the fireworks in our 4th session (which will be almost the sole topic for the week).

In other news: we have started looking for a home. We’ve secured pre-approval on a loan, and have already got a house (or 2) in mind. Amber’s hoping that we are able to go look at it as early as tomorrow.

Still waiting for some music requests from people :-). Right now I’m leaning towards hits from 1992… Things like:  Achy Breaky Heart, Black or White, Baby Got Back, Life is a Highway, 2 Legit 2 Quit… Ah yes.. Back when I had my own radio show…

What? What did he just say? More on that at Rinsefirst at another time… 🙂

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  1. Jill Radabaugh Says:

    Congratulations on your soon to be New Home!!! I am so proud of you both, and I think it is both adorable and thrilling that you will be living on Amberwood Drive in Woodbury.
    When Amber was a little girl and we would drive past that street, I would say to her, “Amberwood Drive…if she were old enough.”
    I know you and your soon to be cat, Alabaster will be very happy in your lovely townhome.

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