Let the RSVP’s Begin!

So we mailed out invites on Saturday, and a good number of people have already gotten them. Pretty exciting!
One of the things we are trying to encourage with our invites is that people RSVP online using their assigned “Response Code”. The custom written tool allows people to update our address book, correct any spelling mistakes we may have made to people’s names, and tell us whether or not they are coming… In less than 30 seconds.

But more than that, it’s allowing us to see our RSVPs faster than one could imagine. In fact, we have already gotten 18 people (6 families) RSVP’d. Congrats Wade on being the first person to RSVP from an invite :-).  It’s exciting to know whether or not people are coming so fast… much cooler than waiting for snail mail.

One other advantage to this method is that people can update them after submitting. For example, let’s say your a guy with a girlfriend, and for some reason you break up with said girlfriend between when the RSVP was sent, and when the wedding actually happens. In the old way, you would have to call us to update the name of the person coming, OR, wouldn’t be able to tell us that a second person was coming (perhaps you decided to “pick up chicks” at the wedding (not recommended)). With the new way, you simply log in again and update your details. Pretty slick eh? It’s not a one-shot deal like normal RSVP cards.

But as with all innovations that involve computer programming, or humans in general, it may still have a bug or two in it. If you happen to hit of those said bugs, please please please, let me know so I can get it fixed right away. If your response code isn’t working, give me a call and I’ll let you know what the proper one is (Amber thinks she may have misnumbered 1 or 2…).

Of course, if your not technically savvy, your probably not reading this, but you are surely welcome to send in the response card.

Less than 3 months to go people!

P.S. I might publish my RSVP WordPress plugin (it’s almost perfectly packaged for re-use). It still needs a few tweeks though… If your interested in my plugin, stay tuned at http://www.rinsefirst.com/.

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  1. Nikki Says:

    You know… I’m totally fine with a single guy trying to pick up chicks at your wedding. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Kidding, of course.

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