Busy busy

We have been so busy lately!  Mostly just enjoying each other and the sun!

Memorial Day weekend was extra long for me.  Thursday I woke up to a spinning world, so I ended up staying home and sleeping hoping it went away.  I’m not sure if it was vertigo or something else, but it was awful.  I woke up on Friday to a planned vacation day back to normal.

We spent a lot of time outside.  Justin, my dad and his dad stripped and stained the deck, which was a great accomplishment!  I did a lot of weeding and tree trimming.  My fruit/herb/veggie garden was planted along with a few plants.  We chopped down a tree and cut down an incredibly overgrown rose bush.  I did many loads of clothes and diaper laundry, which is still not all put away.  Justin and I ended Monday night by moving his office from a bedroom on the top level to a bedroom in the basement.

Eloise is nine months now.  She is crawling like crazy and almost walking.  She can kind of say “mama” and now says “dadada”.  She is a happy little girl at almost every moment, and is doing fairly well sleeping.  We will go in for her checkup next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how long she is now.  She seems quite tall.  If you’ve seen any photo of her, you know that she has crazy hair.  My mom gave her a nice short pixie cut so that her hair looks a bit more under control.

Lincoln is such a little boy now.  He is enjoying playing outside with his sand and water tables, and loves to help in the garden.  He gets very excited when we find worms, which rarely turns out well for the worm.  He plays with them a bit too long and they dry out.  At least he isn’t ripping them apart anymore!  He currently has two girlfriends at school, so we are preparing ourselves for his teenage years.  We will be starting swim lessons with him soon, and I am very excited about that.  I want to make sure he is and feels safe in the pool.

We try to get outside every night, and I hope to continue that throughout the summer.  Link gets a lot of outside time during the day, but I don’t.  I never used to like the outdoors much, but now I feel like I need them!

My new craft closet:


One of our beautiful blooming trees:

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