Picking the Party

If you were me, how would you have decided who is in the wedding “party” and who isn’t? Amber and I both have it setup such that 66% of our wedding party is family of some sort, the other 33% is friends (at least in the stand up group). There’s potential that we might make it 50% by growing our wedding party to 4 each.  I’m not sure though if I want 4… I had a hard enough time picking past 1 (picking the best man was the easiest thing I ever had to do).

I heard a story today of a couple getting married at our church that will be having 13 brides maids and 6 grooms men. Made me think that they believed in “2 girls for every guy”. But still, very strange in my mind. They are also having their reception at their home and are flying in plexiglass to cover the backyard pool as a dance floor. (They have money). I guess to top it all off, they are planning this wedding in under 7 weeks… Wow.

If there is something you think we just “Must Have” at the wedding (besides brad being the flower girl), let us know in the comments!

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  1. Alex Says:

    Target Gift Registry! Target Gift Registry!

  2. Alex (again) Says:

    Target Gift Registry again!

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