HTML5 Demo Number 1

I seem to be on this spree of wanting to code in JavaScript. Most likely due to the lecture I watched the other night. Because of this, I have started messing around with HTML5.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Richard is working on a game engine of sorts. So as such, I’ve taken steps to see if I can generate some HTML5/JS code that he might find useful and provide him a quicker path to learning what he is trying to learn, than having to research all the stuff that I did.

So here’s what I’ve learnd how to do so far (sorry if the music has started to bother you):

  • How to create and draw images to a canvas. (and do basic animations)
  • How to calculate a somewhat *modest* framerate (it’s not perfect, but I’m not sure there is such thing as perfect framerate with HTML5 and Canvas… it’s not like we control the framebuffer).
  • How to play music.

Graphics and music have been borrowed for learning purposes from Mythic Entertainment/EA/Origin’s Ultima Online. (I may now have an urge to go re-open my UO account)

If you want to see how I did it, view the source on the iframe.

Without further adieu, I present “Man’s Journey: An HTML5 Demo” for your reflection and review.

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