Photos From The Fourth

This past somewhat-3-day weekend was filled with basically friends, family, and what is pretty much final prep work for the arrival of the child.

We’ve been prepping so long that you would think that we were ready months ago, and for the most part we were… Just had some home projects that we’ve been meaning to get done before he arrives. The biggest project of which was to reorganize our storage, and unpack all the remaining boxes that we had since we moved in (3 years ago now… sheesh).  We bought all sorts of bins from target, generated a ton of waste (sorry Earth), and basically made it so everything is easy to find. We also made room for about 6 more storage boxes of junk (I’m guessing we’ll need it for baby clothes as the baby gets older).  So we aren’t *quite* at the point of needing a bigger house (hehe).

The weekend wrapped up with watching fireworks at Amber’s parents house. Normally I’m in Nebraska for the 4th, but because of the chance the baby might come, we decided it was best to stay here. We had a great time, and I played around a little with the camera… Nothing special, just a few shots of the fireworks which I seem to take every year. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Charger and Fireworks

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