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The Many Changes and Tasks

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Planning a wedding has been no piece of cake. No matter how many times I look online at a pre-made checklist, or ask friends who have gotten married, there is always something else that needs to be adding to my to-do list. Every time I am able to check something off of that list, I feel no more accomplished because I still see the many things left to do. These past couple of weeks though, I have done a lot of things to prepare for my wedding and marriage.

The biggest change so far was buying a house! Justin and I purchased our first home together and I (along with my cat) moved in at the beginning of June. Justin will be moving in once we are married. After being together as a couple for over 5 years now, and knowing each other an additional 2 years, I am so ready to be living with him. We are waiting to live together because of our religious and personal beliefs, but gosh it’s about time! It has never seemed closer than it does today though, and every day it gets both easier and harder to wait. Having a house is great though! I don’t have to be quiet or wash the dishes if I don’t want to. The nice thing is, it’s my house and I want to wash dishes!

I have gotten many things done for the wedding. We have ordered our favors, and just so you know, custom M&Ms are outrageously expensive so we didn’t go with those! We have booked our limo with Cities Limo who seem like a great company! Justin and I are starting dance lessons soon which will hopefully help me to not feel like a fool on the dance floor! Our registries are finalized, flowers, cake, and photos are paid for, and dresses are being altered.

There are still many things left to do. We (as in me, or me and my bridesmaids) have to make the placecards, finish the favors, and do 1 million other things! Our honeymoon is just about booked– we are still going to Disney! I am excited and nervous about that, since I am not a theme-park kinda girl but nevertheless it should be fun.

But in 7 weeks, and 5 days, none of this will matter. All of the stress felt, the money spent, and the hours consumed to plan the beautiful wedding of Justin and Amber will no longer be important. What will be most important is I will be married to my best friend, and we will have started our lives together as husband and wife.

7 weeks and 5 days….