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Twits from the week of 2011-07-31

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

  • Baby's first checkup! (@ Central Pediatrics) #
  • On the way to take Link back to the hospital for hopefully the last time in many many months (just a routine procedure this morning) #
  • Back for a routine procedure (@ Woodwinds Hospital Emergency Room) #
  • I'm at Woodwinds Health Campus (1925 Woodwinds Drive, Woodbury) #

The Hiccups

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Our world has changed in ways I never could have imagined. These are the most exciting changes though that I have ever experienced.  The baby blues are tapering off and Justin and I are finding our rhythm with Link.  We have been getting up together at night and taking care of him together.  Since breastfeeding […]

Our New Family

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Link has really changed the dynamic around our house hold.

We’ve been home a week now, and things are starting to fall into a routine. We understand a little about how he sleeps. We understand how often we need to feed him, what his cries mean, and that we don’t need to panic at every little “different” thing he does.

But the dynamic is completely different. Amber and I are constantly working together in a way I’m not sure we ever have before. It’s a good thing.

Our parents, siblings, and friends, are here almost every day as well, bringing a whole new atmosphere of friendship and care.

Jill made a joke the other day about it “taking a village” to raise a kid. And you know what… it really does. The love and support we’ve gotten from all of our friends and family the last week has been nothing short of a miracle. So to all of you, THANK YOU!

And while we are getting close to finding our groove over here, it’s good to know we have backup when we lose our groove.