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A Friend On TV

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

I don’t write often enough about my amazing friends. And yes, they are all amazing, I would expect nothing less from my friends.

In any case, one of my Dr. friends was recently on TV as an expert on the topic of Dog Flu. Personally, I think he did a great job! One of these days, I’m going to have to try to become an expert on TV for something… maybe Tetris…

In any case, check the clip out:

P.S: (If someone see this after KSTP takes the clip down, and the player is still there, let me know so I can fix the page…)

Link Laughs

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

I’m very quickly becoming one of those parents where every status update in their life is about their child. I do have other updates as well that I keep meaning to write (like maybe one on why I’ll be getting the iPhone 4GS, or how to surrive a complete hard drive failure), but the ones people seem to want to read are these.

So here it is…

While watching Nebraska get killed by Madison in what was a most upsetting game, Amber discovered that if you touch Link’s feet to his face, he now laughs. We’ve since found some other ways of making him laugh (like tickling his mouth with a burp cloth), but this was the first time Amber was able to make him laugh consistently. As such, it was documented as Link’s first laugh (and just remember, the last laugh is always the best):

What God creates (and gives us) is amazing, isn’t it?