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Twits from the week of 2011-11-20

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

This is a demo posts on Justin Gehring’s Sitemap Tricks

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

You can ignore this post. I’m just demonstrating a sitemap to someone.


Christmas Lists

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I always seem to start blogging more around this time of year.

Maybe because it’s the season of reflection. Maybe it’s because I get some time off (although that surely isn’t it right now). Maybe it’s because I just feel like sharing with the world the Joys of things around me.

Who know’s.

Today’s obveservation… Christmas lists.

For the last 26 (ok, well so probably only 25 of those years), Christmas lists have been about things I want. As I got older, they transitioned away from toys, to bigger toys (video games), to things that were somewhat more practical. They were, as it were, always for me.

This year though, things seemed to have changed. Sure, there are a handful of items that you would expect to see (namely 2 3ds games that should last me awhile), but for the most part, I think the things I’m going to be asking for this year are things I want for Lincoln or my family.

I’m not sure what’s causing it… If it’s love, or if it’s because those are now the things I want to make my life better (If Link and Mommy are happy, Daddy is happy). All I know, is that it is a different attitude towards things.

So when you see my Christmas list this year, and it seemingly contains items from my Christmas list when I was a 1-year old… Don’t be surprised… It’s not that I’ve developed a fetish for collecting children’s clothes (oh that’s just wrong)… It’s that I plan on re-gifting them (in a good way).