Eight months!

Link is now 8 months old!  It has been so exciting watching him grow.  He is crawling around like crazy and so happy that he can move!  He has been doing the ‘army crawl’ like a pro, and is starting to lift his tummy so that he is truly crawling.  Also, he loves to walk!  He can pull himself to stand on just about anything (and always looks to make sure someone is proud of him) and then walks along that location.

He is babbling a lot, and making “G” sounds a lot.  He stopped saying mama, but he actually said “raccoon” yesterday.  I’m sure none of you will believe that, but ask my mom – he really was saying it!

We “graduated” from baby yoga last weekend.  Since Link is crawling all over, he doesn’t like to sit still, so it had become more stressful than not. We will miss spending this time with Elizabeth and Liam, but now we can do yoga at home! Link and I did yoga last night together, and it was nice because he can crawl away if he wants and I can still relax, knowing he is safe and not bothering anyone else.  He did enjoy me being his “bridge” while I was in downward dog – he kept crawling under me.

We had a wonderful time with Aunty Amy and {soon-to-be} Uncle Collin home last week!  I picked out my dress for her wedding and we played games!  We miss our Amy, so it was so nice for her to be home!

The weather has been beautiful out, which is so nice since we can go on family walks.

Justin and I are doing well.  Having a baby sure changes a marriage.  We have been building a solid relationship with God in the middle, and a great communication pattern so we are conquering the hurdles Link welcomes into our lives!  We should probably spend more time just the two of us, but it’s hard when all I want to do is be with Link!

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and some shorter weeks thanks to Easter coming up!  I cherish every minute I get to be with Lincoln, even though sometimes he is exhausting!

Looking forward to the next month – although I hope to post before then!  Link has his first dental appointment in a couple of weeks, then his 9 month checkup on the 20th.  We also have an eye appointment scheduled for him in May – just a routine appointment.  It is such a privilege and a challenge being responsible for another human being.  I realized last night that I had no idea when I gave him his last bath!  (It was Sunday – so yes, bad mommy!)  Oh well, he is a happy, healthy, growing little boy!  I think it’s okay if I miss a bath here and there – I still wash him every day!  🙂

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